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 ~ Quality is our commitment, every production batch must go through stability test and quality control test.

~ All our counterparts and partners must share, practice and embrace the same quality concept as LERY's.

~ To continuously upgrade the workforce - regular training is provided in order to increase quality productivity contribution.

~ We are always open to our clients' suggestion, ideas and recommendations to meet and fulfill market needs and requirements.



                         The Keys To Our Success

~ Decisions made immediately


~ Training


~ Good communication


~ Flexibility


~ Quality supervision


~ Hands-on management (owner run)


~ Attention to detail


~ Commitment and dedication


~ Passion for success



Our Service Philosophy 

".....the demand for our products exists because we can offer our client a means of consistently achieving 


cleaning objectives, in the most cost effective manner, without the day hassle, so that they can focus on their


core activity. Cleaning and insects / pest repellant is our core business, achieving these objectives is our


purpose, achieving recognition from our customers on the success of our implementation has been ans will


remain our ticket to growth and survival in a fiercely competitive environment."